Company Profile

Shenzhen Tecson Trade and Technology Ltd. is a pioneering cross-border trade company based in a city at the forefront of technology. We specialize in offering high-quality furniture products to the global market through the Amazon platform. Our flagship furniture brand, WOXYX, has gained widespread recognition and customer acclaim in the international market for its innovative and unique design concepts.

The WOXYX brand is dedicated to bringing aesthetically pleasing, practical, and contemporary furniture to families worldwide, covering a wide range of products including outdoor furniture, living room furniture, bedroom furniture, bathroom furniture, and dining room furniture. We understand that furniture is not only a necessity of life but also an art form that reflects personal taste and lifestyle. Therefore, we insist on using high-quality materials combined with exquisite craftsmanship and cutting-edge design concepts to ensure that each product adds unique charm and comfort to your living space.

At Shenzhen Tecson Trade and Technology Ltd., we keep a close eye on international market trends and customer needs, continuously innovating our product line to ensure that our furniture meets functional needs while leading fashion trends. We also focus on integrating sustainable development and environmental concepts to achieve environmentally friendly products and social responsibility.

As a young and vibrant company, we are constantly exploring and expanding into new market areas, committed to pushing the WOXYX brand globally, allowing more people to enjoy the wonderful life experiences our products bring. At Tecson, we believe that through relentless effort and innovation, we can provide a more beautiful, comfortable, and high-quality home lifestyle for customers around the world.